Top 15 Most Complimented Fragrances For Men 2022

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Hello, my handsome and sexy friens, and welcome back to StayingManly. So today we are going to talk about the top 15 most complimented men’s fragrances, and this time it will be a nichelist. Now, if you already like these fragrances and if, you already got a lot of niche fragrances. You my man have an addiction welcome to the amazingworld of the fragrance community and you will befor ever stuck here. I’M stuck i’m [ __ ] stuckstore.

Alright, gentlemen, are you ready to smelldifferent than all the other boys out there andget a lot of compliments from the sexy mamacitaswell grab yourselves a cup of coffee and put yourballs in a good position and let’s get into it, and at number 15 we got Roja Dove Enigma, oh thisis, warm spicy, vanilla, fragrance with notes ofalcohol in there and the main notes that yousmell are bergamot, cognac, vanilla, the sexy, benzointobacco, cardamom and patchouli. If you wearthis, you smell like a sexy coca-cola candylook, girls love alcohol in general, but they gocrazy for it. When it’s in a fragrance look ifyou want it or not, [ __ ] in your face is whatyou’re gon na get when she smells this fragrance. Look how much i’ve worn this fragrance a lotand! This gave me a lot of compliments by guysand women doesn’t matter, everybody loves thisstuff.

Longevity of this fragrance is a goodeight hours with a moderate projection. Thisone doesn’t really scream, but you will leavea very nice scent around you, but you have to be alittle bit closer when you smell this. This is forthe intimate settings. When you get vagina in yourface, try it out and at number 14 we got Kajal, Homme2 or hell. Yeah this fragrance, you can basicallywear to any occasion all year around.

This is an easy signature, scent kind of a fragrance this is, a citrusy, woody and very masculine kind offragrance, and the main notes that you’re going to get with this fragrance is mandarin orange lemon, bergamot, green notes, lavender, cedar woodsy notes and patchouli.

What I love most about this fragrance is the mandarin orange and lemon combo which is very refreshing, masculine and citrusy. The bergamot, green notes and lavender are also very pleasant smell which makes this fragrance versatile. Cedarwood, patchouli and woodsy notes give it a very robust character. Now i have smelled this fragrance on my dad. A lot because i don’t wear this fragrance – it’s too masculine for me but, oh my god, when he wore this. I gave him so many compliments because everywhere, where he has been he left this fragrance. That’S how good this isthis is not really a screamer or a pusher, but this scent everywhere, where you’ve been it leaves yourscent there.

It is very long, lasting, easy, 10 plus hours, very versatile. You can wear it all year round and it gets you a lot of compliments so overall. This is a very good fragrance, try it out and at number 13 we got my favorite Creed fragrance. It is Creed, Royal Oud, oh hell, yeah this is clean. Woody citrus soapy and spicy peppery those are the main things that you’re gon na smellwith this fragrance.

This is a classy masculinegentleman’s fragrance, very elegant, like when youwear a suit or when you wear this at your job, andyou’re like you’re, like the big boss, who’s walkingaround there, that’s how you smell with thiswow, it’s perfect, my favorite Creed and don’t bescared that there’s written food On the bottleit’s, just it’s a clean wood, it’s nothing skanky atall! I remember this fragrance because of a clientof mine wore this one, a lot when he had a trainingfrom me. Oh every time he wore this. I couldn’t stopgiving him compliments. This is it’s actuallyalso!

It’S like masculine gentlemen, but it’s alsoit has that secretly sexy edge on it longevityof this one is easy: 10 hours with a very good projection, because when the client wore thisi could smell him already from far away so trythis fragrance out. Maybe if you ask Santa a couple of decants from this one, he might give it to you. There goes Santa oh [, __, ] man. He might be stuck there for awhile, but no worries guys i’ll help. You out because.

I would never recommend you to blind buy an expensive fragrance, because this whole listis quite expensive, so you really need to know if. You want to spend that cash on it. That’S whyi always say try before you buy and thanks toScent Split. You can discover niche fragrances. More easy now Scent Split is an online perfume storespecialized in niche fragrances and they shipworldwide they provide samples which is a smartway of trying expensive niche fragrances.

They alsosample some popular designer fragrances and theyonly have a hundred percent authentic fragrancesyou can now try 10 different niche fragrancesfor. The same price as one full bottle. This is theperfect way to discover if these fragrances aresomething for you, they have high quality bottlesand. They offer samples in one milliliter, twomilliliter, five milliliter and nine millilitersand. They also offer full bottles at a retail.

Pricescent Split has all the fragrances i’m talkingabout today, so you can try them easy. Now. I havealso a discount code, for you guys it is Curly8which gives you a 8 % discount. Now it is validuntil the end of december. So it’s also a good ideafor, a gift.

Since the holidays are coming, becausewe can’t depend on santa anymore. We got ta, do itourselves, so try them out link in the descriptionoh. The next fragrance always makes my mouth waterwhen. I smell it. It is at number 12 NishaneAni, delicious, warm spicy, vanillawith citruses, very, very yummy.

If ani wasa taste, it would be a orange creamsicle, hey samantha, what flavor popsicle do you wantmy favorite flavor of popsicle is d*ck. Ah, look manif! You want to be eaten on a date by your dateyou should wear this one. This is really tasty. I’M telling you it makes my mouth water every timeand.

Every guy can wear this. It’S not like. It’Stypically for young or old everybody can wear thisalso women. I would also bite women with this oneyes. It is a compliment, get it because it’s justso, tasty, ah orange creamsicle.

How can you not likethat longevity of this fragrance is good. It iseight, plus hours projection, it stays close to youso. That’S why you should wear this fragrance ona date. Try it out, hey my handsome dirty bastardshave. You already subscribed to my channel.

Ifyou always want to be updated about my fragrancecontent subscribe and you never miss a crazyMichella on your channel so subscribe and let’scontinue alright and at number 11 we got XerjoffZefiro. Yes, Zefiro. Everybody is always talkingabout Naxos. But to me this one is better yeah theunderdog, warm spicy, boozy and peppery. Oh totallymy thing the main notes that you’re going to smellare lme white wine, cardamom, cinnamon, incense, andsome woodsy, notes the opening of this fragranceis, so sexy so boozy.

Oh, it is just very attractiveif. A guy smells like this. Only a realgentleman wears this and can wear this now. This fragrance is very long-lasting, easily12 plus hours with a moderate projection. Youhave, a very nice sexy sand bubble around you tryit out and at number 10 we got Parfums de MarlyLayton and Layton will get you laid you willmake, every girl wet with this one.

There she is told you really wet all over now. Layton is a warmspicy masculine. Vanilla fragrance with really goodsexy cardamom in it, i love cardamom cardamom’ssexy. No, if you like fragrances like Hugo Bossimagine that one 10 times stronger moremasculine with a slight old-school vibe on itthen, you will get latent trust me. You will getmuch more compliments with Layton than Hugo Bossbecause Hugo Boss fades away with uh what twohours and this one this one stays for.

A good 12.this is not gon na leave you the projectionis, really good. It comes far. Try it out. Andour number nine.

We got a really good fragrance areal compliment getter. I already liked it a lotbut when i smelled this on a guy in the gym. Whenhe was always working out. The whole gym smelled, ofhim. Oh, it was so so amazing, so the whole timei started working out around him or workingaround him because he smelled a may sing.

Andi walked towards him and i was like dude thewhole gym smells of you. What are you wearing itis? A number nine Mancera Cedrat Boise? Yes, it wasreally funny because me and the girls like mycolleagues, were always talking about this. Guywe always wanted him to come in because hewas, the guy that smells good now – and this is awoody fruity citrus fragrance with somesmokiness in it so masculine so goodand.

The main notes that you’re gon na getwith this fragrance is sicilian, lemonblackcurrant, bergamot, patchoulicedar, leather and vanilla, nowthis fragrance. You can basically wear allyear round and not that you maybe want it. Buteven guys want to know what you’re wearing andthey will compliment you and they want to knowwhat. It is because they want it for themselves soeven. They will fall head over heels for this one, and at number eight we got Electimus Imperiumoh, hell, yeah.

Look how much i have worn. This onethis smells like a mix of Nishane Ani and CreedAventus mix those two together and you’re gettingthis one. So you smell masculine and edible andthe main notes that you’re gon na get with this oneis bergamot jasmine rose, vanilla, musk, ud, andpatchouli. Look, this is just a big complimentgetter and you have to try this fragrance outbecause girls just fall for this fragrance. Are you all right and longevity of this fragranceis easy 10 plus hours with a really goodprojection, not beast mode, but it’s reallygood, long, lasting projection.

Compliments! Tryit! All right and at number seven we got Initio Parfums Side Effect. Oh Side Effect. My manSide Effects will give you those crazycompliments, because this this has somethingsexual in it.

Oh sweet and boozy, mostly thisstuff, is really potent like five milliliterof. Scent Split will be enough. Trust me, but thisis honestly, this is sex in a bottle. My manoh man. This is just very intoxicating: sweet, boozygourmand fragrance, that’s what it is: nothing morenothing, less and completely unisex, but then witha masculine edge on it.

Look this fragrance, willturn heads. It will give you a lot of complimentsas. I said it sucks in a bottle, so you’re sexyas, [, __, ] and longevity of this fragrance iseasy, 10 plus hours, with a very good projectiontry it out. Okay, the next fragrance is not forfor everybody, but the people who really love itlove it. Oh, this is a very sexy beast.

It isNasomatto Pardon and this stuff is masculinemasculine to the bone. Oh man, look. If you area man – and you wear this, you would impressthe [ __ ] out of me main things that you’regonna smell with this one is chocolate, it’swarm, spicy and oozed, and you know your girlloves wood. This stuff is for a dominantmanly man that you want to get dirty withand. He shows you every inch of the room.

Those are just my thoughts. It’S just very woodysexy, patchouli-ish woody masculine dominant [, __ ], beast chicks will rememberyou. They will even remember your nameand. Eventually, they all slide in the dmsjust one a little bit faster than the other, but at least they slide in right. Longevity of thisfragrance is easy, 12 plus hours, and it is a beastall.

The girls are going to smell. You try thisfragrance out all right, then at number five we gotFragrance Du Bois New York, 5th Avenue. Oh this onegave me. So many compliments. Every time i wore itthis is such a good fragrance hell.

Yeah thisfragrance does two things. It is fresh and cleanand woody woody powdery-ish. Now the main notesthat you’re gon na get with this fragrance is rosecaramel. Cashmere, wood, musk, vanilla, andgayak, wood. Now i must say this fragranceleans feminine, so you really have to tryand see if this fragrance works on youtrust me, girls like fragrances that lean a littlebit into the feminine direction.

Girls just dig itand. Also this fragrance. You can wear this all yearround, not in a high summer heat but summer, nightshell yeah, and look how much i love thisfragrance, i met half, you should try itout longevity of this fragrance is easy: 10 plushours with a moderate projection, but this one alsolingers behind you. So people can catch thewhiff of it. Try it out and at number fourwe got a dangerous sexual kind of a fragrance yesit is from Frederic, Malle Musc Ravageur.

Oh this onethis one is really good worm. Spicy, powdery, vanillathis fragrance is just a musk spicy, heaven that’swhat. It is and don’t try this on paper actuallyon paper. It smells a little bit synthetic thathas, some synthetic things on it, but if you wearthis on skin watch out because by the minute, itgets more sexual, sexual, sexual and that’s whatwe want i’m not going to say more about thisfragrance. Longevity is easy, 10 plus hours you’regoing to get a lot of compliments with this oneand.

It projects really good, try this fragranceout all right and at number three we got the bestleather fragrance out there and this onehas. Given me a lot of compliments now. Idon’T have a full bottle of it, but i havebought a 20 milliliter of this one and thisstuff is amazing. It is at number three RegentLeather from Tahmeen a sweet, suede leather, withsome spiciness in it like sexy, cardamom, oh manthis stuff is so damn good. This is a masterpieceleather fragrance that all girls are going tolove because if you might not know girls don’tlike leather fragrances like at all, but this onethis has given me so many compliments and girlsare crazy for this one or they wanted to have itfor themselves or they want To buy it for theirboyfriends, but if they don’t have a boyfriend, youcan be their new boyfriend.

My man, you smell, sexyyou smell different. You smell, gentlemanly yousmell, like you know what the [ __ ] you’re wearingyou’re, not just a boy out there who wearsDior Sauvage. No! No! No you’re sophisticatedyou get the girls.

Okay. Longevity is easy. 12Plus hours, if you spray it in your clothingit’s, not gon na leave your clothing for a couple. Ofdays! Try it out.

You know men always try to impressladies and people by doing tricks and stuff likethat now 9 out of 10 times. It goes wrong like this and you didn’t impress anyone and now the wholeroom smells like [ __, ] bro. The only thing thatyou have to do is wear this Montale Intense Cafeat number, two, the casanova fragrance becausewith, this one you’re gon na get the girls you’regonna impress the whole room with this one andthe whole room will also smell a lot better, rosemusk amber and a hint Of a coffee note is whatyou’re gon na get with this fragrance, and this ona guy’s skin is a mei zing, also vanilla in thereby the way didn’t know. If i said it, this fragrancealso leans feminine, but not that the guy can pullthis one off, because this, as i said, is a casanovafragrance, and i know that a lot of viewers of mineguys have bought this fragrance and they havetold me how good this one worked with The ladiestrust me, i know what the girls like with this oneyou smell gorgeous. You smell different.

You smelllike, a casanova that girls want to sleep, withyes, look! Try this fragrance out, see what i meanthe longevity of this one is 16 plus hours and itis beast mode. You’Re gon na fill a whole room withthis one. That’S how strong this one is andguess, what complement beast? Try it out allright then the number one fragrance that hasgiven me the most compliments out of all thefragrances that i own and every time i wear thisit gets compliments.

People i know that wear thisget a lot of compliments. This is the complimentbeast Arabian Oud resala. Yes, this is for theResala. Yes, this is for the chocolate lovers out there. If you are that personwho likes to have a chocolate cake in her face, then this is something for you look.

This is anamazing fragrance one time i wore this. I neededto go to work and i was walking around in the cityneeded to get makeup and stuff like that. That dayi got seven compliments. I will never forgetit clients of mine. Complimented me people onthe street.

Complimented me people in thegym. Complimented me, the guy who worked atmac wanted to know what it was and he wantedto get it. You know like it was insane insanethe amount of compliments that i get with thisone. This one is warm spicy, it’s middle easternyou get rose, you get food, you get chocolate! It’Samazing now – and this one also smells a lot likeLancome Oud Bouquet, but then better and alsolike Shagaf Oud from Swiss Arabian.

They comevery close, but this one has that it’s much moresmoother it is. It is much better and this hasgiven me much more compliments. So you haveto try which one you like a little bit morelook. If you want to smell different, if you wantto smell, like a rich shake that girls want totake a bite off, you should try. This fragrancethis is totally unisex.

Everybody can wear itand, unisex fragrance. Are the fragrances thatare the most dangerous to girls, longevity isout of this world, easy 16 plus hours, maybe evenmore? Look! This is not going to leave. You untilyou, take a shower!

Okay and the projection is [ __ ] wide. Okay, everybody is going to smell youthat’s. Why you’re going to get a lot ofcompliments with it? Try this fragrance outall right, my handsome gentlemen, this wasthe most complimented fragrances of 2021i hope you enjoyed this list and let me knowyour top 10, most complimented fragrances iwant to know. Let me know in the comments downbelow and see you in the next video bye-bye, you

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