7 Signs You’re More Attractive than 99% of Men

Read Time:3 Minute, 33 Second

You were going to rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being ‘100% you’re awesome’ and 1 being ‘not so much.’ At the end of the video, we’ll total the score to see where you fall on the scale of being a sexy, attractive dude. Some opportunities for bonus points will also be available.

When you get to the end, total your points. How far above 100 are you? How below 100 are you? My total was 133, which means I’m well above. To be attractive, you don’t have to be 6-ft tall, strapping studliness hung like a mythical beast with Greek god features. Many subtle and small things taken for granted make you sexy and extra attractive.

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Teeth. If you have a nice smile and teeth, give yourself 10 points, even if it’s a little bit crooked. If you have a nice smile, but don’t use it often, still give yourself a 10. Scale your teeth score from here.

Height. If you are 6 ft tall or above, give yourself 10 points. If you’re approximately 5 ft 10, give yourself nine points. If you’re around 5’6 to 5’8, give yourself seven points. If you’re like me and about 5’6, give yourself six points. If you’re around 5’2, give yourself around four points. But, if you’re a super short dude and you drive a big jacked-up car or something super fast trying to overcompensate for being short, I want you to subtract two points.

Style. If you’re a stylish man that dresses with purpose and intention, give yourself a 10. If you are not good with fashion, give yourself a seven. If you suck balls, give yourself a three. If your girl shops for you, subtract 12.

Kind. Are you a person who looks for opportunities to help and assist other people or do what you can to make other people’s lives better? If the answer is yes, give yourself 10 points. Dudes that are helpful and kind are viewed 10 times more attractive than dudes that are not. Scale your kindness score accordingly. If you’re a jerk and mean to people, yell at servers, or treat people like they’re beneath you, subtract five points.

Face. How clean and clear is your skin? Scale your score from 1-10. If you use Tiege Hanley, add two points to whatever your skin score is. My skin is typically a 10, so I’m going to add three for a total of 13 points. Men with healthy skin are more attractive than men with oil-clogged pores, acne, blemishes, and wrinkles. Upgrade and elevate your skin game with Tiege Hanley.

Facial hair. If you’re clean-shaven, it doesn’t mean you’re a zero. But if you have a beard or a decent beer, give yourself 10 points because you know how chicks find beards sexy. Scale your facial hair score correspondingly. extra meat underneath your chin, it’s a bit weak, and you don’t have facial hair, give yourself a four. Scale your score respectively. But the cool thing is you can reduce your body fat to reduce the chubbiness in your cheeks as well as your chin.

Body fat. If your body fat is under 15%, give yourself a 10. Give yourself five extra points if it’s between 10 to 12% because low body fat is super sexy. But your testosterone will be out of whack if it gets too low, and that’s not a good thing. Give yourself a seven if your body fat is 15 to 20%. If your body fat is over 20 to 25%, give yourself a five because it’s something you can control and get down to enhance your overall attraction.

Muscularity. How much of a V-taper do you have? If you have a nice drop from your shoulders to your waist, and you have nice guns & glutes, give yourself 10 points. Scale your score appropriately in terms of your musculature.

Money. You’re not lazy if you’re motivated but haven’t quite figured it out.